Do you want to accelerate your business?

ProHealth is supporting your business development and helps you to reach your growth targets. The focus is on pharma and healthtech related products and services within professional healthcare. Products with consumer business and general health & wellness are excluded from the programme.

We welcome existing and early phase companies with a solid Problem/Solution -approach, technical proof-of -concept, scalable business potential and committed, coachable teams with business experience or readiness to adopt it. Where applicable, companies to-be-founded are also welcome with the above criteria’s .

We offer you

  • An opportunity to apply to the programme on a continuous basis followed by an acceptance procedure using Lean Canvas methods
  • For each startup, an assigned business coach who will lead the startup team through the programme
  • Attendance to interactive thematic workshops during the programme
Structure of the ProHealth programme and it's workshops
  • Access to a broad network of persons and companies with deep experience and wide Life Science competencies within e.g. technologies, applications, business, regulatory, legal and financials is supporting each teams journey
  • Access to international connections for partnerships, investments and market access through our network

Structure of the workshops

Interactive thematic commercialisation specific workshops are organised on a 12 months basis for ProHealth and cooperator’s startups. For more information on the workshops, see the timeline below. If you are interested, sign up at

  • Medical Device Regulation & QMS – 19 August 2020, Helsinki

    The workshop deals with Medical Device legislation and product development with Fimea, regulatory compliance in Life Sciences with Clinius Ltd, introduction of a classification tool by Lean Entries and ends with 1-on-1 meetings with the experts.

  • Drug Regulation & QMS – 3 September 2020, Turku

    Regulatory requirements and quality issues are important already in the beginning of drug related research and during the R&D stage. The workshop deals with early-stage drug development aspects by Fimea, GLP and GCP principles by Heikki Niskanen from Biocad Oy and ends with 1-on-1 meetings.  It’s a HealthBIO sideshow.

  • QMS & Compliance in Practice – 16 September 2020, Turku

    The Quality Management Systems and Compliance in Practice -workshop digs deeper into the issue. It includes Quality standards and regulations like MD, IVD, GLP, GMP added with real examples of what-is-it in practice. Pasi Koskivaara from Wellquide hosts the workshop.  

  • Strategic Framework & Financials – October 2020, Helsinki

    The Strategic Framework and Financial Planning workshop deals with business and revenue model, execution plans, financial planning, valuation principles of companies and ends with “What is crucial for an entrepreneur to succeed or not? The workshop is hosted by Business Development and Business Coach Anders Nordström.  

  • Product Positioning – October 2020, Helsinki

    Positioning is where your product or service fits into the market. The workshop addresses your ability to express the main benefits of your product and the problem it solves. These things are critical to business success. The speaker will be announced later.

  • Business Communication – Early November 2020, Helsinki

    Effective communication is an important part of a startup’s and company’s professional success. This interactive workshop addresses the right business communication and negotiation techniques for a variety of business situations.  

  • Market potential calculation & preparation – November 2020, Turku

    The workshop deals with the background of market potential and asset value estimation and how to build a credible market potential calculation. Marit Merla, Forendo Pharma Ltd, hosts the workshop and involves all participants thru selected business cases.

  • Funding Sources – Mid December 2020, Helsinki

    Obtaining funding is a huge challenge. The workshop deals with alternative funding options for your startup, how to apply for funding and how to convince the other party of your business idea. The experts are not confirmed.

  • Protection Strategy – Mid January 2021, Turku

    A good IPR strategy helps startup company to protect their idea and optimise resources needed for IPR protection. The workshop examines the basics of patenting and protection of intellectual property rights and business benefits and ends with 1-on-1 meetings.